seeds are the best gifts in existence… growing abundance. i’m a happy creature :)


seeds are the best gifts in existence… growing abundance. i’m a happy creature :)

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Recycling newspapers for a gardening project

Gardening is a really big deal in our family and it’s my favorite subject to photograph and write about. If you have been a follower over the years you have seen all of our plants grow and produce – from seedlings through harvest. My husband has the green thumb, but I work my magic in the kitchen. It’s a perfect, win-win arrangement.

After the peas are planted in early March, we always wait until the fear of frost has passed to plant seeds for summer-loving vegetables.

This year we are trying something different. A cold frame was built using an old, glass storm door and last weekend seeds were planted for almost everything we’ll grow this season. The advantage will be that by the time May comes around we will be ahead of the game, transplanting our little plants to the garden beds.

We knew we needed lots of little containers for our seeds but didn’t want to spend the money for tens of pots pressed out of peat. We also disliked the idea of buying plastic pots or trays. After a little searching online we made a wonderful discovery. We found a nifty tool that could help us create pots out of recycled newspaper!

It’s raining this week, but last weekend it was glorious outdoors. I set up a card table in the sunshine and got to work. With a long, metal ruler I tore strips of newspaper into 12 x 4-inch pieces. After I had a nice stack of them I began assembling the little pots. I would roll a piece of newspaper around the wooden dowel, crimp the bottom, repeat with another strip of paper, and then press the little pot into the base of the pot maker. We were amazed by how well it worked.

Some unused plastic containers in the garage worked perfectly to arrange our little, homemade vessels. Like eager children, we check every morning and night to see if any seedlings have poked their way through the soil.

Stay tuned.

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